The Dance Sock

The DANCE SOCK is a special pair of socks has been especially designed to help students learn dance technique more efficiently while encouraging practice. We would like to introduce these functional socks into our lessons as we feel our students will benefit well. The socks can be used in class and will be a valuable tool for at home practice.

The Dance Sock Academy’s “Helpful” dance socks have 10 special features to assist dancers to visually learn how to articulate their feet and legs correctly. Encouraging them to self correct and learn various dance movements more efficiently by using the features as a precious visual aid. Designed by a qualified dance teacher and studio director of 19 years, especially for dance students to help learn ballet, the “Helpful Sock” has many uses in all styles of dance. It is helpful to beginners but also extends the experienced dancer.

The socks are mainly designed for the dance teacher to show the student how to initially use them in class: each image on the sock has multiple uses, the student can then take home and use the socks as a practice aid. Dancers who have taken the sock home already have said that it is like “having their teacher right there with them”. The socks are not designed to replace dance shoes, instead they can easily be slipped over top of dance shoes as required during the lesson. Each student will receive their own cotton carry bag to keep the socks safe. The socks are for careful use at the barre while learning technique - not designed to be worn for the faster moves in the centre. For safety the dancers will still wear their usual dance class foot wear and are expected to visualise what they have learnt, applying it to their dancing in the centre.